This is the full list of thirty topics generated from the corpus. For each, I have included: the automatic “label” for the topic (the top eight words); a plot showing the weights of the top ten words in the topic; and a plot showing the weight of the topic in each of the speeches from the corpus.

Some points to note in interpreting the plots:


I have selected a handful of topics that are notable for one reason or another and written annotations on them (on separate pages, linked next and below each topic in the full list). While going through the full list of topics can be interesting, my analysis is primarily contained within these annotations and within my more focused discussion of results.

Here are the topics I annotated:

Full topic list

  1. age months nature seventies present pressures wealth period

  2. isolation states programme provision fishermen understanding increasingly challenge

  3. olympic athletes winter step planning unnecessary stories gold

  4. prosperity committee constitution unity reforms conduct understanding established

  5. secretariat cabinet sides reviewing commissioner judge broaden duration

  6. health communities children aboriginal economy century quality want

  7. loans weeks consumers start vote alberta vigorously simple

  8. plan economy values women environmental history environment great

  9. houses wheat aggression continued lines project province accepted

  10. oil food transportation prices price inflation countries increase

  11. jobs protect businesses introduce steps victims recession industry

  12. canada canadians canadian new work world country continue

  13. net announce east organization sales modernization referendum component

  14. languages particularly gas strategies equal implementation speaking encouraging

  15. society great consider life today importance recent responsibility

  16. recovery additional voluntary funding agreements small operative fishery

  17. trust stronger middle things child elected accountability transparent

  18. families hard north act safety sovereignty freedom free

  19. conflicts traditions enacted red satisfactory recurrent licensing weapons

  20. national cooperation objectives consensus effort benefits commonwealth reconciliation

  21. private initiatives sector rights process individual unity information

  22. economic development federal measures program policy employment economy

  23. middle east western universities events seamen museum contribute

  24. act asked provide amendments provincial national assistance approve

  25. cost confederation dollars companies story paying employers moment

  26. solid gases compensation administration joined institution penalties supply

  27. confident emerging fairly liberalized implications advances evolution relation

  28. increasing millennium tradition june successfully recognize gives multi

  29. housing requested works terms constitute safeguard harbour statute

  30. disabilities regional municipalities foundations committee decade housing establishing